Interactive Badges
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Get ready for the new Interactive Badge! 

Interactive Badges  provide a great way for attendees to network and learn more about one another through an activity that prompts engagement. Each attendee will be asked to provide a value-fact or trivia question about themselves or their business that will not only educate others, but serve as a great lead-in to meaningful conversation.

Interactive Badges are not new to business executives. In fact, they are used at many corporate events to serve as an icebreaker and engagement utility by prompting attendees to interact beyond their normal social circles.

How to Get Started

Mid-September, when the NMSDC event app is available, you will be able to create your Interactive Badge question and by simply tapping the Interactive Badge button. Follow the prompts to finish publishing your question and your badge will be ready to activate on-site when you pick it up at registration.

Steps for Onsite Activation

1. Download the NMSDC app.
2. Pick up your name badge at registration and flip it over to register your Interactive Badge barcode.
3. Open the QR code reader in the NMSDC app and scan the QR code on your badge.

Your Badge will be activated and ready to be scanned by others.

Points and Prizes

In addition to connecting with new people during the conference, NMSDC will be giving away great prizes during the event for top scores and participation.