Project Description

Monday, October 15th
3:30 PM
Session Length: 90 Min 


Establishing and maintaining meaningful, mutually beneficial and long-term business relationships with Asian companies can be challenging without the right tools. Working with Asian companies is indeed complex, but it does not have to be complicated. With the right tools, this process can be rewarding and productive!

In this fast-paced, 90-minute interactive workshop, participants will learn to share current and anticipated business challenges, uncover some reasons responsible for current impediments to success and reframe challenges into opportunities for engagement.

This session will explore a range of country-specific cultural values and how they manifest in today’s business environment, while identifying potential or real culture gaps between themselves and others. This will enable participants to discover culturally-relevant, adaptive strategies to address and permanently overcome these gaps over time.


Virginia Cutchin
Intercultural Consultant
Global LT