Project Description

Wednesday, Oct. 17 2018
9:45 AM
Session Length: 60 Min


This session will review the many opportunities to do business within the water industry. For example, water companies and authorities use Smart Meters to assist both customers and companies efficiently and accurately read usage meters.

Also, technology is being used to assist customers in reducing water waste and more efficiently detect leaks. And, increasingly, companies are investing in security systems and measures to protect water from possible contamination by terrorist groups.

We will also review the barriers to business, to help you with planning, including how capital intensive the industry can be, stringent safety guidelines to follow, and our limited national supplier base.

You will leave the session with a clearer understanding of the opportunities that exist within this essential industry.


Terrez Marriott Thompson
Vice President, Global Supplier Diversity
The Coca-Cola Company

Joshua King
Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer
American Water Company

Sonya Collins
Manager, Procurement
Great Lakes Water Authority