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Reginald E. Humphrey, Senior Manager, Supplier Diversity, Global Purchasing & Supply Chain, General Motors

Reginald E. Humphrey
Senior Manager
Supplier Diversity
Global Purchasing & Supply Chain
General Motors

Linking Supplier Diversity to Corporate Goals
Wednesday, Oct. 17 2018
11:00 AM

Reggie Humphrey is the Senior Manager of Supplier Diversity at General Motors and joined the team in July 2012.

He is responsible for managing GM’s process of inclusion, which consists of over 300 certified diverse suppliers. Reggie began his career journey in 1995 as a Production Supervisor at the Moraine Assembly Center in Moraine, OH.

In 1998, he relocated to the Detroit metro area and has since worked in several operational and planning roles within multiple organizations including; Order Fulfillment, Supply Chain, Global Purchasing, and Logistics.

Reggie holds a B.S. in Finance from Alabama A&M University and a M.SA from Central Michigan University.